Playtex Nursers to a sippy cup.. transition issues?

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My son is 1 year, 3 weeks. I used the Playtex Nurser bottles with him.. the ones with the bag that you can get all the air out of. Loved them. They were GREAT!

Now we have a problem, stemming from them. When he picks up his bottle and it had some air in the top, he will suck the air out and the bag would be air tight again, allowing him to drink.

Problem is.... the sippy cups. I offer him a sippy cup and he takes it just fine, he understands there's good stuff in there... but he stands there trying to suck the air out of it like he does his bottles. He doesn't get the air out.. he never gets his drink.. he gets disgusted, and the bottle is in the floor.

I can't seem to get him to understand that you have to tip the cup UP to get the drink. I've tried several different brands of cup, when he throws them to the floor, some leak on the floor, some don't. I can clean up the little dribble, that's not my problem.

When he stands in front of me with that "I want that' grunt.. I will make exaggerated moves to show him how I have to tip the cup UP to get the drink. I will give HIM sips from the grownup cup, turning up the cup and it's not making a connection either.

How do I get this kid to learn to turn the cup UP?


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By 1:30 pm today, he was drawing the drink through the straw.
I see what you mean Schyla, I could keep a second cup near the high chair and just give him little sips. That would keep him from trying to "FILL UP" on the drink instead of dinner, too.
I see from our straw incident this morning, this is gonna be MESSY! I've got a dribble catastrophe in the carpet in front of my chair and the high chair is covered in red juice... it looks like a crime scene!
Next attempt will be in the tub. Nekked. He has a few cups in his tub toys, but since he decided he takes showers like grownups, we haven't used many tub toys at all.
But that's a whole 'nother issue... He will get a grownup cup and drink in the tub tonight.

Thank You all for the words of wisdom, please keep them coming... I appreciate all your help!

Schyla - posted on 05/18/2010




I'd suggest the straw type too but my girls never used sippy cups they learned to use a cup right away we practiced in the tub (it was empty they were naked) they thought it was great they could drink and if they spilled we'd just clean up at bath time! (witch always followed) I only use the sippy/straw type on trips so that i don't have to worry about spills but it was just easier for me to transition them to regular cups. Kids form atatchments easily and I didn't want to have to take my kids sippy away when it was no longer appropriate for them to be dependent on them and there is no reason a child needs to use a sippy once they learn to tip the cup up they are ready for a big cup! This is just my point of view on the sippy cup issue, My doc and my dentist are both anti sippy as kids who use them tend to have more cavities and eat less healthy food, I had my both of my girls drinking from regular cups at a year and we'd only put a little in them yes it was a bit of a pain to keep refilling but I've never had trouble getting my kids to eat or cavities!

Lisa - posted on 05/18/2010




I had the same problem with my daughter but I started her on a sippy cup at 6 months. I bought her one with handles and in no time she was using her sippy cup

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How about a straw in the sippie cup...i have always used them, and it was a bit different from tipping the bottle up...get a straw sippie cup...the he can suck on that with out tipping it up...either say no to the grown up cup, or get a cup with a tiny bit of water in it and put it on his desk or table so he has it there all the time, or get a little tea set and play pretend tea time with him...

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