please advise me on how to keep a 20 month old busy

Divya - posted on 10/05/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my daughter who will be 2 in december gets bored and irritated through out the day of now she is home and only goes to the park in the play in the evenings . when she is with other kids she the most happiest and enjoys each moment spent there.


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Julie - posted on 12/07/2010




All 5 of my kids loved to help with the housework! My youngest (16 months old) loves to ride the vaccuum cleaner whilst I'm going around the house vaccuuming lol! We read a lot of books, I bought some "touch and feel" books and they loved those! Although they do have to be replaced every few years. I have a long hallway that we "bowl" down, one fabric Ikea ball and 6 2 litre milk cartons makes a cheap bowling set! I make my favourite mouldable biscuit dough for all 5 of the kids to "design" their own creations. That way bubs can eat the dough. Then we bake them! Building with blocks is always a hit! Hubs and I painted one of our walls with Chalkboard Paint, even bubs loves to grab the chalk and draw on it. Although, you will have to keep the chalk high as they don't always understand that you can't draw everywhere with it! We ended up painting an old coffee table with the left over paint and bubs loves that! We have hand knitted "vegetables" and "fruits" that we play with, wooden puzzles, 3 parks nearby.. But with school holidays (and summer) approaching, all 5 of my kids will be in and out of the wading pool and the back yard. They love to play all together. Probably why I have such a large family, they are always laughing and playing.

Sarah - posted on 12/06/2010




We play with toys, colour, blocks, tv (sometimes), rumble tumble games, read books, I sit him in his chair and he "helps" bake cookies (really he holds a spoon and gets to dip it in the batter sometimes and eat a smidge of dough). Playdough.

Kristi - posted on 12/06/2010




Avoid television at all costs! Abbie's right, they just want to be like us! Let her go around the house with you and do housework along side you. Give her a little dishpan and a cloth to wipe down cupboards. A little broom to follow you around sweeping. A dustbuster to swoop up the dustbunnies! A feather duster is a big favorite! Get her kid sized rakes and shovels and let her "help" you in the yard. Weeding, digging, watering and taking care of the pets and the yard. Let her "sort" the silverware when you empty the dishwasher. Let her "fold" the washcloths when you do laundry. My little one is 2 1/2 now and it's amazing what things she really can accomplish now that she has been following me around. She loves to do these things ever so much more than play with her toys! Good luck! Keep her busy!

Abbie - posted on 10/05/2009




My son is 18 months old. We play cars, watch movies, play more cars, read books, go outside and play, go on walk ( he will walk with me) we sing, he helps me do laundry- this one is the best, What I do, he sits on the dryer I had him clothes to put in the washer, when all done he closes the lid. for clothes from washer to dryer, he stands @ dryer and put them in, when all done he must look in the washer to make sure I got everything.

At this age they jsut like to be with us. Antyhing will keep them busy. Pots and pans, a paintbrush and water. Finger painting, coloring, reading, singing........... maybe look to see if there is a parent group to join, or story hour at the library. Also so I can get ready in teh AM, I put my son in the sink while I do my make up, he plays with my make up and hair stuff, brushes his teeth.........all keeps him busy!!

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