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Ok so I think for most to understand i need to go to the very beginning. In 2008 I became pregnant with my first child. I had met a guy ( ill call him B) during a break up and became pregnant by him. I got back with my boyfriend ( ill call him A) whom i was split up with about a week after i became pregnant( i was unaware i was pregnant at that time). My boyfriend A and I became pregnant with what we thought was his child. fast forward a few years (3 to be exact). My son completely resembles (b) and from the beginning of my pregnancy i told b that it was his child... he said he would be there and that it was his miracle baby because he couldnt have children due to steriods when he was growing up. ( him and his wife of 10 years had tried and even put her on fertility medicene and still couldnt. she became pregnant after they divorced and she remarried). 3 years later boyfriend A is still raising my son thinking it is his and i refuse to tell him differently because he has been there for my son and is a great father!! even if he was to find out i would still allow him to be my sons father because he has been there and IS his father.... unlike my sons sperm donor. Well recently i was contacted by boyfriend B's new girlfriend that he has been with since he found out i was pregnant. she emailed saying she was going to tell boyfriendA the truth and start a bunch of drama. I stopped all that. She was unaware he even had a child due to him lieing about it from the beginning of their relationship. The thing that is holding me up the most is i found out they are going to be getting married and he plans on having kids with her. How could he know he has a child out there an not want anything to do with him... but have more kids with this girl??!!! I dont think if given the chance i would ever allow my son to be introduced to B as anyhting more than just mommys friend.... but how could he know that and be ok with not meeting his son?!?! I just dont get it and for 3 years ive though about it everyday... can someone please give me advice and help me get over this so I can move forward....

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Amy - posted on 10/13/2012




So your lying to your current boyfriend who you are marrying, and you are lying to your son about his real father, and you are upset that this other guy doesn't want to see his son. Even if he wanted to it sounds like you wouldn't let him so why is it such a big deal to you. Maybe he we away quietly so you could continue to spin your web of lies and live your life. I'm not really sure what you want other moms to tell you.

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