PLEASE ! Grand mother need HELP

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I have a Grand daughter 9 i love very much ...Sometime there is pressure at home as the parents have some issues & she has an older 1/2 brother 15 who does want anything to do with her ...Emily & I pretty much usualy have a great & fun time toghether we do a lot of things all kinds ..My delema is when we have a situation where she's contradicted ,Emily will have an attitude ,I usualy i ask her what make her upset or else ,so after listening and trying to compromise if possible ..If it does'nt work she will get sassy & mouthy ..So i tell he "lets take a moment a rethink thing throught as i not comfortable with the way she is taking to me and id needed i'll tell her it would be nice if she apologise ...And when shes calmer we kiss & hugs ,i tell her it important as its a way to say we're ok & dont hold a grudge ! My husband get anoyed as he think i'm to lineant & soft ... Is there other tips to help me more ?


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First taking note of the behavior is important and you have to worry about what she is going through in her home with the "issues" and half brother. But you should never let her get away with being disrespectful. She needs firm parenting and she also needs assurance that she can talk to you about anything she wants. That she can look at you and your house as a safe place always but she should never be disrespectful. It Won't Be Tollerated. Feel free to use time out (sit in the corner for 10 minutes) or take away privaleges like TV or going shopping as planned. She needs to know what to expect from you and you may find that she will open up to you a little more.

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