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I am a mom of 3 beautiful little girls and after the last baby in december i went on birth control to ensure no more babies till i chose different now im pregnant again while in the holyoke birthing center in holyoke mass they put on a medical band that did not belong on my daughter i called a few lawyers about it and so the nurses retaliated and called dcf now i have lost my daughter for the last 8 months i didnt even get her home with me dcf took her i have proof they lied and manipulate the lawyer screwed me to where i couldnt work with any lawyer for the last 5 6 months now ive gotten a new lawyer but dcf has made things soo sooo horrible for me i barely see my baby it went from 1 hour every week to when they dont give me an excuse why i dont get my visit i finally see her for close to an hour the dcf worker deborah lucy calls the visit off asap in the hour i have its been almost impossible to start to win my baby back and im so so paranoid when i have this baby girl they will pull the same crap im a better mother than everyone ive ever met thats why ive raised all my friends and family members kids since i was 12 and i have called dcf to get children with junkie crack head parents helped cause i cant raise them anymore and dcf only told the people what was said about them and left didnt even go to the room where they have an illegal grow operation for marijuana how do i change this horrible outcome from happening i love my children more than anything ever in life they mean more to me then myself and even god please someone help me


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In my experience, a disgruntled nurse cannot get child services to remove your child based on their say so.

The child had to have had drugs in their system, or there had to have been a proven concern for child services to remove the child.

I'm sorry that you're going through this, but I've found that in 99% of cases where the newborn was removed from custody at the hospital, there are drugs involved somewhere.

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