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i am a mom of 3 boys. who recently had to quit my job because my husband had to start taking a pill form of kemo. does anyone know of any online jobs that are lagitt. please help thank you and godbless amanda


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There are not any unless you are willing to start your own business, and that takes a lot more time and effort than working a traditional job. I would assume if you do not have the time for a traditional job, you probably don't have time to start a business.

May I ask why you had to quit your job because of his chemo? My husband and my father have both been through pill chemo and traditional treatments, but neither required me or my step mother to quit our jobs. Perhaps you could find a position in a traditional job that is more accommodating to the chemo schedule? If you had been at your former job for at least one year, you would qualify for FMLA for up to 3 months to care for your husband, and many companies are very flexible with it, so you could take leave while your husband is actively on the chemo treatments, and go back to work intermittently between treatments.
Another option is hiring a home health assistant, because they are not registered or licensed nurses, they are very affordable, and insurance will usually cover a large portion of the cost. Because they are not nurses, they cannot dispense medications, and there are some other small things that they cannot do, but they can bring him food, help him to the bathroom, etc. The stuff you would be doing for the most part. This is what I did for my husband and my dad. Just make sure you use a reputable agency that does through background checks.

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