please help!! could I be pregnant on nexplanon?

Daniela - posted on 07/08/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello mommy's!!
Well I have had the nexplanon for 2 years already and its due for a change until July 2017. I hit it when I was with my ex, and would have sex with him unprotected and of course the implant would work. With him before the implant it took a long time to get pregnant.( we have a 3 yr old daughter together now) and now I'm no longer with him and not too long ago moved on and am with someone else. I have been having sex with him unprotected. Throughout my whole implant use I have always gotten my period and spotting in between. Recently I have gotten no period, no spotting, nothing. And have been having light menstral cramps ( which is how I felt when I was pregnant with my daughter) and I'm sleeping all day long. Is it possible my implant decided to fail when I'm sleeping with someone else??? I have also been taking antibiotics for a UTI. I don't know if that can effect the implant. Please help!! Thanks!!

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