Please help ! Feel kids changed marriage

Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 04/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ladies, im writing in bc I feel like ever since the birth of my daughter my life has changed dramatically but it seems my husband still gets to have care free time and it's making me feel resentful! I love my baby so much but I thought when we planned on having a child we both knew life would be different and we were both willing and ready to be adults . Please don't get me wrong he is a wonderful father and our baby lives for her daddy but I feel I've sacrificed so much more. My husband still goes out to the local bar between 12 and 2 on the weekends and Im getting fed up! We used to go together but now that the baby is here obviously that is not an option for me. Im not jealous or worried about anything Else except I feel that phase of our lives were over when we decided to have a kid. His reasoning is oh well your sleeping anyways so what's the big deal ! I try to explain to him that we should be in it together and both need to move on to the next stage in life. I really need some help in getting him to understand how I feel. Besides this tho we are very happy and I know he loves me , but I still want him to grow up !


Michelle - posted on 04/02/2013




Unfortunately some men don't grow up. My ex husband was like that and would berate me that I had changed so much etc, etc. Yes of course I had changed because I was now responsible for a little life. Needless to say I couldn't live like that for too long.

Maybe see if he will see a marriage counselor so that someone else can help him see how he needs to change. It's not going to work coming from you as he'll just see it as nagging.

Good luck.

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