Please help? Have I miscarried?

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I am fully aware that a visit to my Gyno would probably provide me with a much more accurate answer. I am too scared of the outcome and have been putting my visit to the doctors for months.. I don't think I'm mentally prepared to accept the possibility of being told the outcome im most afraid of...

I was an industry worker until a few months ago. I started about three years ago and have never really had any complications until fall of 2014. Unfortunately, my only source of contraception at the time was condoms and in the first two years of my occupation never had a problem with condoms breaking or coming off during intercourse. Towards the end of 2014, I deveopled a yeast infection that just would not go away. I started going to see a gynecologist for fear of having an STD. I live in Japan, a country where gynecology doesn't seem to be taken seriously and patients are often unsatisfied with their visit to the doctor. My first visit, I asked for a pregnancy test screening and all three tests for STDS (mucous, urine, blood.) The doctor then proceded to tell me that my visual screening showed no STD symptoms and that I was probably a bit paranoid and mucous screening would be the only one needed to test for a yeast infection. I was so upset that I left and decided to go to a different clinic the next day. Because of my previous experience, this time I demanded ALL tests for STD screenings and a pregnancy test. The doctor then again looked at me and told me I was probably too young (being19 at the time) to have any STDS. About to blow my sh*t I stared him down with a blank face and told him I was a prostitute. Finally I was able to get the tests that I had asked for, and yes, the result was a simple yeast infection. But this yeast infection would not go away! No matter how much medication I took, because of my job the symptoms persisted for a very long time. I didn't have much itching or a massive amount of discharge, but I was always dry. No matter how much live I used, sometimes my insides could handle it and on occasion the condom would break while handling a customer. I would take pregnancy tests but only became aware of the fact that sometimes it's too fast to take one or the results may come up false until a few months later. I was not mentally stable enough to go through the agony of being looked down on again by a medical professional and decided to just "not think about it." I kept working and in the beginning of this year (January/February) started having really long menstural cycles. They lasted for almost the entire month, included chunks of gray flesh looking things and would stop for a few days and start again. I really didn't want to go back to the Gyno and waited until May until I finally couldn't just keep it in my head anymore and wanted a definite answer. I went to the Gyno and got the full STD / pregnancy test again. They both came out negative. I did not tell the doctor that I was showing signs of a miscarriage. The symptoms seemed to go away and I had convinced myself that the doctor should be able to tell if I had a miscarriage or not with the STD tests that I took. In July I became unable to handle my job emotionally and quit for good in August. I have not had intercourse since then. My period for August lasted for almost6 weeks, again with the same grey tissue. My period stopped for a few days then I started noticing creamy pink discharge, now the discharge is creamy with a brownish color. Is it possible that I miscarried in the beginning of the year?? Could this be caused by tissue that hasn't passed yet? Will a doctor be able to tell if you've had a miscarriage through a STD test? Any answers would be extremely helpful. Also I am not expieriening and nausea or morning sickness like symptoms. However, I've had a decrease in appetite and have lost a few pounds in the course of about a month. Also Ive had changes in my sleeping patterns causing me to wake up after being a sleep for at most 4 hours. Could I have miscarried and be having side effects from disturbance to my hormone balance? Please if you've had similar symptoms let me know your story. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Raye - posted on 10/30/2015




First, it shouldn't matter what the doctor thinks of you. He should just do his job. If he makes you feel uncomfortable, then I understand why you wouldn't want to go back. But your health is more important that hurt feelings or whatever his impression of you might be.

I really don't know if what you describe was miscarriages. But I'm not sure the doctor would be able to tell with just a routine pelvic exam or STD test. You should talk to a doctor about what happened. If you have miscarried, there might be something wrong to where you might never be able to have a baby. If it wasn't miscarriages, then you need to find out what else may have caused such severe bleeding.

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