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My step daughter has recently seen her biological mom after not seeing her for so long that she didnt know who she was or why she was there.....she has no became very recentful to myself and has started wetting the bed after being potty trained for over a year. please moms give me some suggestions on what to do or why is this going on? she is 3 years old almost 4 and it seems like she hates the world now. I love her so much even though sometimes its easier than others. her mom hasnt been in the pictures and doesnt truely want to be but was force by her own parents (which also arent very involved). she has not contacted anyone since the last visit almost 2 weeks ago but my step daughter has had several accidents through the night and also even through the day. when asked why she didnt go to the bathroom she says "because i didnt want to" or just "because i dont have to"


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If she has been potty trained for over a year and had no problems until a visit from the bio mom then my guess its because of the visit with her BM. There may be a lot of worries in her little head about it. Its confusing for a child who does not see people they have not seen in a long time to be able to understand why all of a sudden they are around again. Its a shock to her system and bed wetting may be her reaction to the stress. Did you take her to the doctor? Stress of this sort for a child that age is hard and they still do not have enough language skills at this age to tell you in words how things feel. Sometimes they have to do it in not so nice of a fashion. WHen my son was five for example, he came home and told me he wished his dad was in jail. Why, you ask? Because when he said it he was angry and I guessed it was due to something his dad had done or said that my son disliked at the moment. Even at five, he did not have language skills to describe why he was angry and that was the easiest thing to say. I would be willing to bet that is the trigger to her problem.

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