Please help! How can I get my 12 month old to drink anything?

Sandra - posted on 06/06/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have tried different sippy cups, straws, regular cup, breast milk, whole milk, water, juice, cold and warm and she still refuses to drink. I started to wean her from the breast about two months ago. She nursed 3 times a day and drank pumped bm from a sippy 3 times a day (not a great drinker, but she would drink) Now we are down to one nursing session a day and started with whole milk and she is refusing to drink anything. I know she is capable of drinking from sippy and straw, but she won,t. And if she does, she just takes one sip and turns her head. I am so frustrated and crying everyday. I am afraid she will get dehydrated. If you have a similar story, how did you overcome it and get your toddler to drink? Please any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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Kaitlin - posted on 06/13/2012




both my boys did that when they started on sip cups. We have two sip cups on the table (kid table) all day with water, and with meals they can have sip cups with milk (we started on 2% because the whole was too thick for them, and we mixed it with toddler formula) or 'milk shakes' for special treats (milk with toddler vanilla formula, or banana, or straberries, etc).
I was so afraid that my boys would get dehydrated, especially as the warm weather came. But between leaving their water cups in sight all day, taking lots of sips from my own cup throughout the day, and talking about it, they got the fluids they needed. Remember that their bodies need a lot less fluid than ours do. The first few days were difficult, but both times they managed to get the hang of it. Now, my oldest definitely is more of a water drinker throughout hte day, like I am, and my youngest prefers to drink a lot of water in the middle of the night, a habbit we're working on breaking as he is 1 1/2.

Tina - posted on 06/13/2012




kids go through these stages my son he's gone from not wanting anything to drink and doing the same to only wanting to drink and not eat. I'd get her checked out to be on the safe side. It is possible she has teeth possibly back teeth that and it's hurt her at one stage and she's reluctant because of it. Is probably something simple just a matter of putting your finger on it. If she wont drink maybe offer her an iceblock or something else that interests her so that she still gets hydrated

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