Please help!! I get easily frustrated with my 4 month daughter

Kimberly - posted on 11/16/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi, I'm 23 single mother to a 4 almost 5 month daughter. I've been doing it alone since day one all the way from being alone through my pregnancy. my baby's father isn't in her life, he doesn't provide for her or offers to care for her, I live with my mom but she is no help, she never watches my daughter, with my baby 24/7. I'm tired, I get frustrated, no ones offered to help me so I can at least have a good nap without worrying she'll wake up or just to have a little me time
MY baby's gotten so fuzzy lately I don't know how to calm her, I loose my patience and I yell at her, I know she doesn't understand but I loose it, today she threw a big fit non stop crying I hit her, not hard or to hurt her just a little spank on her leg I feel sooo terrible like a bad mother she's my first baby n I hate to that I have to do it alone, I had no one to enjoy the little moments during my pregnancy and although I let her dad be there when I have birth I feel I shouldn't cause he's not there for her now. I don't work I lost my job opportunity cause I had no one to watch her. I lovey daughter more than anything n I hate feeling like a bad mom cause I know I'm not I just loose it sometimes n all I want is a little help, a little understanding and a little time for myself.

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