Please help! I have a 10 yrs old boy, who is going to 4th grade and is addicted to playing mind craft game everyday for few hrs without even doing his homework 1st. I don't know what to do. I told him that he must finished his homework 1st b4 playing mind craft game and he would not listen to me. What should i do as a mother?


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Anlee, please don't think that you're not a good mother. You just need to know that it's OK to say NO to our kids, and it's most definitely OK to stick by that answer!

Tell your son (firmly, very firmly) that he has obligations to fulfill before he may game. On ANY day, he must fulfill certain obligations prior to gaming, and then he will be limited to an hour to an hour and a half (60-90 minutes) of gaming a day. Then remind him that that gaming time ONLY happens AFTER homework is done, AFTER any required chores are taken care of, and AFTER he has asked your permission to play.

Remind him that this is a privilege. That it CAN and WILL be rescinded if he doesn't live up to his end of the bargain.

I used a contract with my boys. It listed everything that was their responsibility: Homework, chores, rooms, etc. It listed the amount of daily time that would be allowed. And I made sure that they understood that disrespect would not be tolerated as well.

Hang in there. He may be your only child, but you want him to be responsible, and the only way to start is at home. A gaming system is a good tool if used correctly.

Jodi - posted on 10/31/2012




Yep, unplug the computer. Let him nag. If he can't be responsible enough to make sure he does his homework and chores first, then he can't play games on weekdays. Simple.

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Angela - posted on 10/31/2012




take keyboard away (unplug it) and when hes dun his homework he can have it back!! simple ... he can choose to do homework and then play or not!! x

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Hi, thanks for replying me back. Maybe, I'm being too easy or nice to my only child. I tried putting the computer away, and then my son keeps nagging or bagging to me to let him play. I know my son is very stubborn when he was young to now and still is now or maybe i'm not a good mother to teach my son.

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