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Whittingtonl - posted on 05/05/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son will be 8 in august. He will only eat 9 things, apples, bananas, mandarin oranges, peanut butter sandwiches ( on sara lee honey wheat and has to be the petter pan creamy peanut butter), pancakes, doughnuts... If i can bribe him to take a bite of something he just gags and throws up. I need help.. I don't know what to do.. I can't even take him to a daycare because they have a no nut policy.. and well he only eats peanut butter. I just don't know what to do anymore!


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Michelle - posted on 05/06/2016




Go to your doctor. It's not normal and should have been addressed a long time ago.

Dove - posted on 05/06/2016




Most children will not starve themselves even if given choices of food that they would not prefer, but SOME (like Sarah mentioned) absolutely will. If your son is one of those... he should be under the care of a doctor/behavioral therapist/feeding specialist, etc... whoever it is that will best help him w/ this (and perhaps a team of several professionals).

If he gags and throws up when he tries to eat something not on his 'approved' list... the doctor would be my first stop and would have been years ago.

Sarah - posted on 05/06/2016




Carnation Instant Breakfast has a lot of sugar in it, so I'd skip it. Is your son not a healthy weight. No child will deliberately starve rather than eat, unless there is an underlying issue. I had a child a the camp I work at in the summer go a whole week with only eating two packs of Starburst candy. i spoke with his parents and they told me he either eats what the camp serves or goes without; he went without, for a week! This turned out to be a child with a psychiatric disorder who ended up in a long term placement for his disorder. Kids with SN can have extreme sensitivity to texture and flavor. Start by discussing it with the doctor, then maybe see a nutritionist? If he doing this just out of habit and there is no basis for his limited menu; serve a meal and let him eat or not.

Tonya - posted on 05/06/2016




Will he drink the Carnation Instant Breakfast? My son is picky too, but I tried giving him the CIB with meals (mixing the powder in any kind of milk or sprinkling it on vanilla ice cream or yogurt. He's finally gaining weight.

Teenie tiny bites are less intimidating. I have to sit down with him and take small bites and ask him to copy me. Then I just start talking to him while he chews. I don't look for any reaction (they like that and can play that against you!) just keep trying tiny little bites of different things.

And just wait, when he turns 12 or 13, he wont be able to stop eating. Be Patient! He will live if he eats just those 9 things but it gets better

Ev - posted on 05/06/2016




I have to agree with Jodi on that. Unless he has some issues that causes him to be this way, why are you letting him have his way and dictate what he eats.

Jodi - posted on 05/06/2016




Is your son special needs? If not, then you need to stop giving in to him - there is no excuse for his behaviour.

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