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K.M.Upekha Jayani - posted on 08/16/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 2 years and 10 months old who is going to day care every 5 days of week. As I m a working mom. Weekends I m at home with him.

When he comes from day care he is screaming and throwing everything around a him at home. And he hits me so much. And crying a lot.

I can't understand what I can do. He wasn't the rude child before. Now he changed a lot.But I bear his everything because I know he hurts from there so much otherwise he is not behaving like that. But when I am at home he is very pleasant happy boy. No rude behaviour.

Please dear friends let me know what I can do for him to make his self nicely. As a mom do I make some mistakes to him for sending day care.....?........ I m in a miserable position please advice me what can do for preventing this matter....

Thank you dear friends!


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Etta - posted on 08/17/2016




It is so hard to be a mom, especially when children are young and they cannot articulate their feelings. Perhaps you could ask if he has the same behavior at daycare. He may be challenging you, be exhausted or just asking for attention. Either way you cannot allow his behavior out of guilt, as that is not good for either of you. Show him you love him, but not his behavior.
Glad you can enjoy him after he has his meltdowns. It is always good to evaluate what is working best for you and your family in regard to your work.
I am sure you are a wonderful mom and that you love your son immensely.

Joann - posted on 08/16/2016




No no no - do not use that guilt trip thing! You're a working mom. Daycare is a great place for our kids to learn, play and be social. Apparently, there sounds like something with the daycare. But tell him that he's not allowed to be rude. It could be a phase. As a mom of two boys who both were in daycare, of course you have guilt when you leave them. My 23 year old met his best friend in daycare - 4 years old. To this day, they have a great relationship. My 17 year old, I didn't mind dropping him off - he cried 24/7. He's the one with aspergers (I think) - I've been to at least 3 experts and don't have a diagnosis. You know your kids better than anyone. Listen to what's going on and hang in there!

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