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I had sex on December 31st with someone ( other than my bf). That was the first day of my period also. Early February I had a positive pregnancy test ( 10 of them). On February 11 I start bleeding and on February 13 I eliminate a big clot with tissue and grey dots. I had also some pains. After that ,all my pregnancy symptoms were gone and my pregnancy test showed negative .I was bleeding for about 10 days. I thought it was a miscarriage…On February 15 I went to a sonogram and the doctor said that my uterus is clean and there is nothing inside, but they couldn’t confirm my miscarriage since they didn’t see me before. After 5 weeks I had my period ( March 17), and then on April 22nd I found out that I was pregnant . It's true since March me and my bf are trying to have a baby . My bf has lazy sperm. I went to a sonogram on April 29 and the doctor said that I am around 4 weeks pregnant . My question is if this pregnancy could be the same from the December 31st sex ? Is it possible? Is it possible that at the sonogram from February the doctor couldn't see the sac cause was too small? Is it possible that this sonogram from April to show a pregnancy if 4 weeks but to be pregnant in 2 months? I know very well the process of conception, sperm, ovulation, fertilization but I am still concern... I know what I did was wrong , I got my lesson but I am truly scared. I tried before with my bf to have a baby for past 1.5 years and nothing happened... It is true that we were very stressed in that time and now for the past 6 months the stress is gone and I am pregnant. Please give me an advice. Since December nothing happened with anybody else, just then, once…the mistake of my life... I am really worried. I know that the period can be over the pregnancy and I am truly scared. I can’t rest, I am very very stressed and I can’t enjoy my actually pregnancy. I know that the ultrasound is accurate but I am terrified …maybe is the guilt….Please give me your opinion…
All the ultrasounds that I had :
April 29 – showed 4 weeks pregnant
May 28 –showed an 8 weeks fetus
June 9 – showed 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant
June 18- showed 12 weeks pregnant CRL 5.44 cm
June 24- showed 13 weeks pregnant, CRL 6.4 cm, 159 heart rate
July 14- showed a 15w and 5d pregnant
July 22 – showed a 17 weeks pregnant, CRL 11.5 cm
I have my due date on December 30th 2014.Please help ! Is it really possible the ultrasound to be so many weeks off?Is it possible that this baby to be conceived on December 31st 2014.


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I highly doubt it, you would NOT present as only 4 weeks pregnant 5 months after you cheated on your boyfriend in a New Year Eve drunken fling. Perhaps you need to get to know your pregnancy facts a little better.

Why did you want to know? Are you worried your boyfriend might find out you cheated on him and this isn't his baby? Do you honestly think it is really a good idea to be having a baby with a boyfriend you have been with for 1.5 years and already cheated on? What is it with people these days????

And why the heck are you having so many ultrasounds?

And sorry if you feel I am being rude, I have no tolerance for people who cheat on people they claim they love.

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