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Ashley - posted on 04/29/2013 ( 9 moms have responded )




My mother passed away almost 9 years ago, i always said if i had a little girl i would honor her. her name is Kimberly-Ann, we have 2 boys Mason and Beau and guess what we're due next month with a little girl... I tried doing Kimberlyn grace after my mom Kimberly, my middle name is Lyn and my great gram is Grace.. my mil is not happy so im trying to make life for everyone happy. so im trying to think of names, should i give her her own name or say screw it and honor my mom but in my own way. kimberly is a hard name to mix up. these names we like that dont honor her.. leighton Reese, Ellison, Claire Elise, Eden Grace, my hubby likes Brielle may- may means essance of life, and i kinda like briella elise- elise meaning gods promise.. we dont like kimber, please can anyone help me out.. she will be here in 3 weeks ..thank you darlings


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I would do what you want. Honoring your mother would be a great thing to do. You are not there to please your MIL with a baby name. Whatever you decide, stop telling people the name. This way no one can make a suggestion, or try to talk you out of it. Avoid even telling people what names you MIGHT choose from. I had to do that with my second, because on my first I learned the hard way.

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Amanda - posted on 05/02/2013




I love Kimberlyn Grace! And I think it's a wonderful way to honor your mother! Go for it! Your MIL will deal with it and love her grand-daughter no matter what. I agree...just don't say anything until she's here! Please let us know when she's here & what name you decided. Congrats & good luck!

Amy - posted on 04/30/2013




As the other ladies have said she is your should give her the name of your choice. I wanted to name my daughter OraLee after my mother's mother but I gave it to the pressure to name her something else. And I regret it. I recently lost my mom I understand the sentiment that goes with a name. Kimberlyn Grace is a beautiful name. Follow your heart. You will never be able to make everyone happy. God bless.

Kristin - posted on 04/30/2013




Don't worry what everyone else thinks. It's YOUR child. Name her what you want. I personally think Kimberlyn Grace is a beautiful name! Both of my kids are named after my parents, both deceased. My daughter has my mom's name for her middle name and a random name we chose for her first name b/c we didn't like any of my husband's familial names. My son, however, has been named since we got pregnant with my daughter and I am so happy we got to use it. His first name is my father's and his middle is my husband's grandfather's name. It's our way of having their grandparents with them every day.

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We are having our third girl any day now. We honored family with middle names rather than first names. Our first born is not named after any family, but our second girl has my FIL middle name (Lorraine) as her middle name. He passed away long before we had children. This third girl will have either my first name or my mom's middle name as her middle name. This way no one was offended and we got to honor both sides of the family. We are still trying to agree on a first name for this little one and I was due last Saturday! Good luck!

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Do what means something to you. My dad passed away long before my oldest was born and when I used his middle name (Ray) as my son's, my FIL asked when I would name one after him. I asked him "Are you dead yet?" "No" "Then not yet." I even named my daughter after my father as well (spelled Rae), and no one has questioned it after hearing about my response to my FIL. (Haha, no other middle name felt right for my daughter because I had been stuck on the first and middle pairing since I was in high school.)

I think it makes a lot of difference the way you present it to others. I do often want validation from others, but when it came to my children's names, I was very sure of myself and presented it as fact. As a result I had very little opposition. Or you could do like another mom said and just not tell anyone until after it is on the birth certificate.

Ashley - posted on 04/29/2013




thank you ladies it means alot to me to have others on my side... now to make the final decision and im taking your advice and not saying the name to anyone till she is born. we got alot of input when naming our second son my husband insisted on beau hunter. he is a hunter and wanted it so i said ok. and it fits him to a t.... everyone loved the name Mason so that was easy.. i just feel like i should honor her in some way i miss her everyday.. but again thanks so much

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Ashley, ultimately you need to give that precious bundle a name that you and hubby are happy with.

I love Kimberlyn Grace. That is such a beautiful sentiment for both your mom and your Gran! If MIL has got her nose out of joint over a name...I'd have to say that the woman probably has other issues, no? insult intended there, my dear!

However, you should NOT be stressing about the name, or her feelings about it! Ask her which is more important: To have a healthy granddaughter, or to have a grandchild named after you...Put it in perspective for her, the selfish ol'...(Ok, so I'll quit there...LOL)

BTW, my mom wasn't pleased with my second boy's name, because I used my dad's name as his middle name. I told her to live with it...She'd had 3 chances to name children!

Mary - posted on 04/29/2013




I don't have any suggestions for a name, but you can't please everyone. Once your precious little daughter is here you MIL will love whatever name you have given her.
My MIL did not like the name my husband and I chose for our son, but once he arrived it was not an issue. All the names you've listed there are beautiful. I hope this helped a little.

Good luck!

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