Please help me,how can I theach my 3 yrs old daughter spanish??

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Any suggestion on how can I theach her ? Any curriculum that you like. As right now she knows all of the letter, shapes and number up to 15 in both languges. Spanish is my first language, but all the she listen all day is english and I want to keep the language not just because of the importat to be bilingual but also make her be able to talk with grandma and grandpa that just speak spanish. Please help !!!. thanks in advance :-)


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I read somewhere that if you want your child to understand AND fluently speak the second language, about 30% of her communication during the day needs to be in that language.

I'm german and my daughter is 2.5 years old. I am really struggling with this, too, so I understand your worries.

It is important that you speak to your daughter in spanish at all times, even when others around you don't understand or when she addresses you in english. For example, when my daughter says in english 'I want the ball', then I will answer in german 'You want the ball?' And than say whatever else in german.

I fall back into english regularly and I know this is why she can't string a sentence together in german yet, while having no problems doing it in english. She understands everything perfectly well, which is good.

There are a few things that really help.

I always have a stack of german picture books in the bedroom from which we choose two stories at bedtime. If she goes for an english book in the sitting room, that's fine too. You don't want to force it, but rather be something that she chooses herself and enjoys. My daughter is generally happy with the german books.

We also use german CD's with children's songs. Kind of stick with the same one or two, unless she asks for different ones, it'll help her learn the words.

If you are not opposed to TV, maybe get a DVD with a spanish programm on it and play it once in a while for her.

Involve your parents if you can. My parents (TOTALLY computer-illiterate) recently bought a laptop and got a friend to set it up with Skype. My daughter isn't always interested in talking to them, but will still hear the conversation in the background.

Also, if you have any friends who are fluent in spanish, you could encourage them to speak spanish with your daughter.

Don't bother with any formal teaching, if you concentrate on surrounding her with the language, she will pick it up.

Michelle - posted on 03/19/2012




talk to her in spanish, point out different objects tell her what they are at this age they are a sponge so she will pick it up quickly.

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