Please help me I said things i shouldnt have to my son this is long

Kelly - posted on 12/06/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




ok so it all started about a 1 months ago - my son brings his gf in to met me.(we were very close but not now)
my son (20)and in the service-- gf 19.. she shows up tats holes rings u name it this girl had after a while we are sitting down talking they tell me 1-shes a stripper -- i told her as long as you are saving to do something better everybody has to make money.. then tells me she never finished high school or got a ged- i told her u have to get your ged and go after something to make her life better.i told her i didn't finish HS but i got my ged and went and got my BS in computers/programming. so it can be done. at that point my son ask if she could stay over cuz he didn't want to drive her home (over an hr drive) i said yes but they were NOT allowed to sleep together and not to make this a habit.
in the kitchen my son comes in
Son: what your think mom
Me: you can do a lot better - really not you type baby
Son: i know mom and she has problems
Me: you cant fix anybody baby
Son; i know and walks away
when I first met her there was something that rubbed me wrong putting beside tats and holes every where so as I mother a called a few ppl that I knew in her town and found out a few things that blow my mind..
- has been pregnancy 6 things - 3 abortion I know for a fact
- does a lot of drugs
- and that she is nothing but bad news
- has been living at a friends house -for i have no idea
----SO HERE IS WHAT HAPPEN----Yesterday keep in mind ALL TEXT he would not pick up the phone
Son: mom bring gf in mon/tues & wed
ME: No not all the weekends baby
Son; ok then I'm not coming home we will go 2 hotel
me: what u r not working
son: no have to take her to get teeth pulled- so i will be in to grab some stiff then leaving
me: honey she got to appointments w/out work should be #1 i think she can get there on her own.
son; i thought i lived there too- its not my fault u r up tight about us sleeping in the same bed. and first off I'm going to marry her- her dad already give his blessing, don't worry about it I'm moving out.
Me: Really... u going to be like that WOW. i think she counts on u way to much u have been with her a little over a month getting married really this is the 3rd girl u wanted to marry u need to just stop and grow up
son: i know u already don't approve
me; u need to prioritized and get your life in together b4 u start talking about getting married i;m looking out 4 u cuz i love u
son: btw i got s tattoo last nite just tossing this in
me;we talked about that b4 all i said was wait till have have extra money so again your priorities failed
son: yeah i know but im sick of ppl telling me how to live my life. all this over her staying for 3 nites yeah makes sense your lucky u r my mother and i love u so i will keep my bashing to a minimum.
me; no u r lucky i have always had your back im a good mother i don't care what u say
son: you are
THIS GOES ON AND ON till he start driving home then it hist the fan and this is where i lost my mind.......I WILL MAKE THIS PUT SHORT
he goes up to his room packing his stuff telling me hes going to stay at a friends house. i wont let him leave then the bomb hit... shes having my baby and we are going to get married...
ME: OH THE HELL U R and i said it Way doesn't she have an abortion with this one - i will tell u way cuz u r her meal ticket...and there is no way in hell she will ever be welcome here..after 3 hours of going back and fourth things chilled out i explained my worries so today i get a text that i know was from HER on his phone saying i needed to so i was sorry and that they could forgive me but never forget. i am still getting stories about this girl and they r not getting any better... i want to say im sry to my son but i don't i was told she just didn't this 2 a guy a few months ago but he walked out on her so she got an abortion. i am so mad it my son be falling into this trip i just want to knock him out... i know i hurt him and this is the only thing i am sorry for, plz help me try to fix this--- what do i say and how do i handle this

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