Please help me not give up

Tracey - posted on 04/03/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is so disrespectful, today I had enough of his mess. Thank goodness for him having an older cousin here. I bought him his gold Caroline's fun park ticket as usual. His best friend, a little creep that lies all of the time, said hey let's go to Caroline's tomorrow, spoke to him this morning, yeah man lets go at 1, of course get your mom to pick us all up and take us. My son gets dressed to impress the lil ladies and at 1 his lying trashy friend says oh sorry man i didn't get my card...liar, I hate that kid. Of course my son was disappointed, but when I said something about his stupid friend we got into a huge argument that turned physical he all but tore his bedroom door off the hinges, trashed my gorgeous living room and broke my things. Son of a gun I have spoiled him, my only child whom I had at 35, on my own, his dad's a loser. I worked as an accountant and moonlighted evenings and weekends leasing properties to by this quaint lil home to give him a good life and ughhhhhhh. Get out...I put his azz out of here, had his older cousin pick him up before I call the cops and have him arrested. Of course I want my baby back, IB magnet student descent grades, but.......... I don't have to take his abuse, I may put him in a home for 30 days so he'll appreciate his nice bedroom and a mom that still cooks and works like a man......but if anything happens to him I'll kill myself


Cutemommy - posted on 04/03/2015




Maybe counseling would help both of you, you guys both seem very broken. Not broken like there is something wrong with you guys but like you guys just don't know how to communicate. he needs to understand and respect you and you have to figure out whats making this boy snap do it before it is too late. Hopefully his cousin is giving him some good advice. Don't give up on him or on yourself.

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