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My ex husband, who owns a video game store in Richland Center, Wi, maliciously filed a false cps report in July 2014 and gained custody of my children. He then took their cell phones away that I gave them and cut off contact with me for over 2 months. He lied to them telling them that a judge said they were not allowed to talk to me and that I did not love them. He said that if I really love them, I would divorce my husband and move back to Richland Center. I moved away from him in 2010 for the 2nd time for my sanity. I now live in Indiana. Unfortunately the court ordered visitation despite his violent past. He was abusive throughout our relationship to both me and my children. My children have told the Guardian Ad Litem and police that their father lied and no one has done anything to help. My children are now being abused in his care and feel like prisoners. He has recently moved to Mauston and opened up a second store. He told my children that he will make sure they never see their older brother again who has always protected them. He wants to distance them from everyone they love. I promised my children I will not give up fighting but it seems like I am getting nowhere and have spent and borrowed so much money for something that never should have happened. My daughter informed me that her father has touch her inappropriately on several occasions and I reported it to the police who informed cps. He has not been held accountable in any way and they are treating my daughter like she is lying. My daughter had a psychological evaluation requested by my ex to get her diagnosed as bipolar because she is speaking out against him but the only thing that was found was depression and emotional damage. Im positive my son's would show the same. My children are begging to come home where they have always felt safe and loved. Richland County is assisting the abuser and tearing a family apart. I am studying the constitution and the law in an effort to bring my children home and to hopefully help from this happening to others. I need help. My kids are counting on me. Their childhood is forever scarred due to their narcissistic father. I have progressively found evidence proving that he lied. He has done some horrible things but I never expected he would do something so devastating to my children.This system is destroying families. The bond between my children and I is unbreakable and I will take this to the highest court necessary and expose all those who have contributed. How is this allowed to happen. I spend as much time as possible with my children. When I have to leave, its very difficult to look at the pain in their faces. My children and I and my family are all suffering. My ex husband who has no family is the only one smiling. My children told me that when their dad came back from court in December, he started jumping around saying "I won" "I won" over and over again. My daughter said my little boy dropped to the floor crying and she knelt down hugging him and they cried together. Their father went about his business and ignored their pain. He also screamed in their faces, turning beat red, for 40 minutes a couple of nights before this because the GAL told their dad what they had told him about their dad lying and the abuse he is inflicting on them. They begged the GAL to please let us go home. My children are terrified of their father and begged the GAL not to tell their father. I am angry the GAL disregarded their safety and put them in the line of fire. This should be a crime and my children deserve to grow up happy and loved. They are not trophies or a pawn to use to punish me. Children have rights too. Please help my children and I to fix our family and to prevent any more damage. We have been violated in every possible way.


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Agree with Raye. There were obviously circumstances warranting the removal of the children.

If your ex is not complying with court orders, have your attorney revisit the matter in court, and file for parental alienation.

If you are following the mandates outlined by CPS regarding regaining your custody, this will work out, but take time.

Raye - posted on 01/26/2015




How did he gain custody to start with? CPS investigated you and must have found something that made them award custody to your ex. Were you granted any sort of visitation by the court? If so, and your ex is keeping them from you, then you need to file parental alienation charges with the court.

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