Please help me Save my family!

Misty - posted on 07/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm looking for people far and near who are living in Windmill Farms that are sweeping the nation by storm! Why you ask? The local farmers in my area have told me they are going to sandwich my house and my family between 6 wind turbines....the closest one starting approximately 1800 ft away from my home at heights of 240-400 ft. What's the big deal you ask?

Well if you haven't heard already, people are complainging of wind turbine syndrome. And this dates back as soon as they started. The constant noise from the turbines, causes sleep disturbances, light strobbing when the sun hits the turbine and casts shadows, and anxiety, and distress. There are many other reasons I am looking for help to talk to people. Economically my county is "below avg" so anything to make a buck...but these turbines are not made in the states, they are shipped in, the Green Energy to get us "off foreign oil" is only projected to get us off by 30% by 2035 from what I understand. But it's foreign land they are coming here, not taking a dime of their own cash, and we are paying them to do this to us, once they install them, run the residents off, or get them to sign waivers, they build these on farm land...then they sell what land they have to the stock holders and then sell the wind mill farms back to the energy when it's all said and done, the residents are losing in the too close causes health problems, once the farms are sold off their contracts don't hold water, and the energy company has to raise the taxes and energy bills to compensate for the purchase of the wind mill farm...guess where that leaves us...footing the bill!?! Are you serious. They are putting us at risk, everyone...

Do you want me to get started that if a brake fails on one, that the heads of the turbine explode and they throw debris, and shafts fall to the ground...leaving a mess for over a mile? When my own home will be 1/3 of a mile away from one...are you serious? And if they catch fire in the middle of a corn field that high up, they can't put it out, so it burns...and if debris falls...what happens to the corn field...they burn...and my house is in the middle of all that! Please!?!

Due to economic times, we are desparate for the cash, and we will do anything for the almighty buck, even sign over our own rights...but my family is at risk for health issues, uncomfortable living, and a loss of any value to our home and property if we ever tried to move when the turbines move into my "neighborhood"...can anyone give me some insight, help, or like to talk! I'm here.

I go before the board of commissioners on Monday morning! To talk about residential ordinances.

Help me save my family! My safety, My sanity, My serenity! I beg!

God help us all.


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Carissa - posted on 07/18/2009




Me too! You have a lot on your plate and I dont know what to say, I haven't been in that particular situation. Stay strong and remember to fight for your family. God is with you in this time no matter what. I will pray for you and your family and guidence at this time.

Jill - posted on 07/18/2009




WOW ... I have no idea what to do or say, but our prayers will be with you, for wisdom and understanding, strength and courage. Good luck and God Bless!!

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