please help me with evil step Mom

Mari - posted on 02/01/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please help me I am a mother 7yr daughter her dad lets his new wife control all decisions and makes all decisions about our daughter they leave me outta of everything and his wife makes sure to make it hard on me to get to see my daughter when I'm supposed to and to top it off she bashes me and talks bad about me on facebook saying how bad of a deadbeat mom i am and how i dont make any efforts to see my daughter but when i make an effort to see her his wife gets mad i dont undeestand her all i want is to see my lil girl without anyone interfering just recently shes been sharing my Child support info on twitter i have had enough please help me out give me some good advice cuz im not a bad mom


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Mommyof4 - posted on 02/21/2015




I understand your hurt as I understand. I was shopping and my ex husbands girlfriend and her 15 yr old daughter walked by and his gf in front of her daughter..calls me a fucking scumbag..I said "excuse me?" and lit into her for being so disrespectful. Her daughter then got in my face and they said just cuz I gave birth doesn't mean I'm a good mom. So untrue. I have done everything for my kids. He was an alcoholic and I left with my kids. She wrote on fb that I was in her daughters face. They both started verbally attacking me btw in Wal-Mart... The actual truth to the story was not presented from her side of course as ppl proceeded to comment badly about me. Then my ex husband emails me and tells me off on top of what just happened. I just don't I am engaged happily and the more parents who are civil N loving with my children..the better.. But she hates me..really hates me and they are rude and act like I'm nothing to my kids. Just have rights as their mother. The judge will give you time with your children so go to court if she's not allowing your time w them. If your ex n his wife doesn't allow it. She has no legal rights to those kids anyway. You can file for content of court in which they are with-holding your daughter. I'm sorry and I get it. Its sad when kids are in a crossfire and they they are So jealous and angry toward you that they can't be respectful and civil for the children. It is very immature of them. She can never replace u.. Only your kids opinion matters and will eventually see the disrespect and resent them for this later in life.

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