Please help mums,my 8yr old son has been involved in a situation and is now traumatised and acting out of character

Ella - posted on 09/19/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son recently was involved in a incident at school,a boy had been hitting him and he made the wrong choice and hit him back with his pack up,unfortunately the zip on his packup cut the boys head and had to go to AnE for his head gluing,my son was absolutely distraught and spent the afternoon at school in hysterical tears fearing for this boys well -being since this incident which was on Monday his behaviour at school and home has been very disruptive don't get me wrong he's not as well behaved at home than he is at school but since this he has been very naughty at school which ain't like him at all,he's been ignoring the teacher bin ride disrupting others calling out not doing work,at home he's also been talking very angrily with me not listening and arguing with everything I say,I've scoured the net about trauma and it dose sound like he's having trouble dealing with what happen,I need to handle things delacly but he needs to no that he carnt behave like that especially at school at the same time,any suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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