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Can someone please help me! HV not willing to help me at all! My 2 n a half year old daughter has problems communicating still can't say stuff in sentances and finds it hard to tell me what she wants she just makes funny noises at me like I'm support to know wat it is she wants she even straightens her bk and neck and flaps her hands or pulls them in a fist with frustration, she does make eye contact but not for long when u talk face to face with her she oils at the corners of the ceiling, started hitting, biting, nipping when I don't understand what she wants. She is not very good at playing with other kids she will play for a few minutes then will let them know she's not wanting to play by pushing them away from her, very low intrest in activities and toys, also picked up on odd behaviour like she was kicking off at the vets because I had to take my dog for his jag and my auntie was sitting with her in waiting room she started crying and screaming I heard her from inside the vet my auntie took her doon the street a bit she screamed and I heard frustration in her cry aswell then from out of the blue she found a stick lying on the floor stopped screaming and crying instantly and picked it up and held it just looking at it. More odd behaviour last week she asked me for an apple (was very pleased because she managed to ask for it) I gave her it and she didn't eat it she was kissing it then held it to her check almost like she was obsessing over it if I tryed to take it off her to put her sweatshirt on her she kicked of, she ended up piercing the apple with her thumb nail and kicked off asking for another because it was pierced!! I'm at my wits end please some help me out I feel I'm hitting my head off a brick wall all the time!!! 😩


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