Please help? my grown children will not talk to me very often. Why is this?

Tracy - posted on 07/15/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was a single/divorced mom of 4. When they were preteen/teen I married my current husband. He helped me raise them which wasn't easy. Now they are grown. My oldest daughter went to live with her dad for 3 years in high school then came home for her senior year. After I introduced her to her current husband of 11 years she no longer has anything to do with us. (She told me she was marrying into money) My youngest daughter blows hot and cold. My married son is always angry with me and screams on the phone horrible things to me. I hear from his siblings that I enabled him to treat me this way. My unmarried son is the only one that has much to do with me but that is sporadic. How do I go on with my life. ??

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