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Im 26 years old and I have a 15 year old daughter who is my husbands little sitter (also 2 younger daughter 7,3). I have had custody of her for 8 years. Shes a good girl and gets good grades but last week i checked her facebook which had pictures of her in her underwear with disturbing statuses about sex. When i confronted her she begged for me not to tell her brother , later that day i stepped out to go to the store when i came home she was gone. yea ok the story doesnt sound that bad but what really makes it a horrible situation is that her mother who is mentally sick tell her she can have a boyfriend and when we dont let her go to parties she will call her mom and the mothers response would be 'oh if you lived with me i would have let you go' long story short when she ran away i called her mom and said have you seen brianna she said no i havent even talked to her.. so for 6 hours her mother would call and say did you find her ..well when we found her she told us her mom knew where she was the whole time. the mother can not have custody of her because she isnt well.. what do i do when she doesnt want to follow house rules and all she keeps saying is i dont care ill just runaway and you wont find me? how do i stop the mother from being against me? please help


Sarah - posted on 11/28/2012




Personally, I would put her little behind on lockdown. no computer, no phone, and has to be with me all the time. I know thats not always an option. Also, it sounds like she could use some counseling, which is normal with children who have been in complicated home situations (as it sounds like she has). Does she partcipate in any extrcurricular activites? Sports, clubs, etc? in my professional career as a social worker, kids who are involved get in less trouble. Probably bc they have something to lose. Good luck!

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