Please Help needed in weaning breast?

Khushbu - posted on 07/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 8 and half month old daughter. she is only on Bm no formula, bottle nor shippy cup. she is weaking up every 2 hrs at night and now I am tired so I decided to wean totally and give her formula. This is almost 2nd day I gave her last Bm yesterday at after noon and than I didn't give her bm she is drinking formula from yesterday to today she drank 8 oz and 3 times solid.Today she eat : 4 oz cereal in breakfast, 4 oz veggie in lunch, rice and yogert in dinner. Am i doing okay with her as I am just worried bcz she is not drinking much formula. should I continue or just give her one time Bm? Please guide me. Thank you for answer.


Tiffany - posted on 07/25/2012




When i was weaning my son, i took him to the store to buy him a big boy cup. I yhen started to pumped out breast milk and slowly replaced it with formula. Stopping cold turkey is probly not the best idea. During the night i would still breastfeed but would take away the boob at certain time. So if she feeds for 20mins, for the first week, feed for only 15 then take away and cyddle til she falls asleep. The next week try only 10mins etc. Breastfeeding is a comfort to them, a comfort they can still get from cuddles. To this day, my 4yr old who is a daddies boy still wants my cuddles before bed.

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