PLEASE HELP! question pertaining month old boy

Melissa Kaye - posted on 02/02/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My month old baby boy is ALWAYS starving! He eats 6oz every 2 hrs, sometimes an hour, hour & 1/2. He would easily eat 9 and even 10 if we'd let him! Is this normal and or safe? We try to feed him just 6 but he screams bloody murder then fights sleep until eventually my fiance has to swaddle him and rock him to sleep. I have 2 diff pediatricians and one tells me to let him eat what he wants and the other gets onto me for doing so saying hes gaining weight to fast, i'm just stuck and idk what to do! He is prescribed allimentum due to similac giving him diarrhea so ive decided to venture out because allimentum isnt a filling formula so I tried infamil and its worked great but I guess where he got used to having as much allimentum as he wanted he thinks he can with any formula. Hes also very gassy and has alot of stomach pains, and fight sleep like crazy. Someone told me I should switch to Gerber that its heavensent for gassy/fussy babies..any suggestions because I cant take this constant crying any longer! Ive already tried everything similac offers and none works. Gentlease is what hes on now and no diarrhea just sometimes rarely spit up but id like to find something filling, non gassy, no diarrhea so he will stop crying and get some sleep! ...both of us.

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