Please help son has a persistant cough/tic

Sonia - posted on 03/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




We were on vacation to Mexico for about 9 days 1 week later (dont know if this trip has anything to do with it) when we returned my 7 yr. old son started to cough/tic almost as if he was clearing his throat of something stuck in his throat. The cough\tic is very persistant will go away for hours and sometimes days and come back again. He was never sick prior to this dident have a cold or fever nor running nose. I took him to his primary doctor and dident physically see anything wrong with him, so just in case the doctor sent us to get an xray of my sons chest in case of something stuck and that was also negitive at this point the doctor is convienced that there is nothing wrong with my son and it is all in his head. As a parent I am concerned on what to do??? cough is still there I have no direction of where to turn to next. I also notice he is coughing more when its time to eat.
does anyone have feedback or recommendations for me?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/25/2013




I would just take him straight to the doctor again and insist they do a more thorough exam. It certainly could be in his head...I used to do a weird facial tic with my eyes when I was younger and am battling one now. I have not been to the doctor for my current one, waiting on my insurance to start.

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