Please help!!! Stay at home mom trying to wean my 15 month old!

Hannah - posted on 01/16/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a single parent, about to start working and I am trying to wean my 15 month old son. He eats table food and drinks water and juice (sometimes), but he still wants to nurse. I have tried denying him during the day and only nursing at night but he is EXTREMELY persistent. He screams his head off if I don't nurse him, so I eventually give in. I'm a mom now so my life will always be shared with my LO but I would at least like my body and just a little bit of my freedom back lol. Please help!!


Dove - posted on 01/18/2015




He's letting you know... loudly... that he is not ready to wean. You can either respect that and not wean him just yet (he'll get used to you not around while working and you can nurse when together)... or stay consistent to what you want and just let him scream. You can certainly try distracting him w/ other activities and snacks.

If you let him scream and then give in anyway... you will make this harder on both of you, so ask yourself if you can handle the screaming... if so, stick w/ it. If not... stop. Either way is your call.

Sarah - posted on 01/18/2015




You have to stop giving in. He knows that if he screams long enough you will give is working for him, so why should he stop. If you stop giving in then he realizes that the screaming does not get him what he wants. It will be rough for a few days because you have trained him to scream and he will get it, but if you stick to it it does get better. Instead of nursing find a different routine you can do during that time.


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