please help! toilet training a two year old boy!

Gemma - posted on 10/15/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Matthew is my first child an he's three in december but he's starting school in january and they're insisting he's dry when he starts, which is fine by me but he doesn't seem interseted in using the toilet or the potty. He doesn't even like sitting in them. I've started a smilly face chart but he's just not using the toilet enough to see the positive results he could get. I'm sitting him on it every hour or so but it just doesn't seem to happen when he's there! any advice?


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Rachel - posted on 08/13/2012




my son doesn't even seem interested in the potty. like when we first started the potty he would get excited but now he doesn't seem interested at all.. help i have no clue what to do

Lisa - posted on 10/15/2009




I also introduced the toilet to my son before he was one year. In the evening I put him on, got some books and ran his bath. He usually went and was so surprised. We would always celebrate. This was a bonus because then he didn't go in the tub! To help during the day, I would have a plastic jar of M&M's. He received 1 for #1 and 2 for #2. His daycare did this so I just continued it at home. I know it's bribing but hey, it worked. He was potty trained just after he turned 2 (which is very early for a boy).

My daughter was different. She was showing signs of being ready but just couldn't decide if she wanted to grow up. I took her to the grocery store and showed her where she could go (play area) if she used the potty. I explained they won't let her in if she is still in diapers. It worked! Too good, she also had to be 3 so she still had to wait but she was okay with it. BTW she didn't care about M&Ms.

Elizabeth - posted on 10/15/2009




My son took a while to get potty trained, It takes time they will do it when they are ready. Some things that I tried that i thought worked was put on underware when he wakes up so he feels like a big kid, you could also try a kool desighn of underware like lightning mcqueen so he will not want to get them dirty. You could also put a stool where the tolit is and let him pee standing up, to add some fun to it put a fruit loop in the tolit and have him aim for it.

Sarah - posted on 10/15/2009




2 years old is too young! When the child is ready, you will know. Every child is different. If you push it too hard, they resist and they don't understand especially since their bladder isn't even developed. When your son is ready, which for boys is usually about 3 1/2 to 4 years old, then you will know. Too many people try to rush kids out of diapers and it usually ends up frustrating not only for the child, but also the parents... Children are little and they don't understand and their bodies develop at their own pace.

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I am in the process of getting my three year old fully potty trained. We still have accidents, but those are happening less and less. Do you take him to potty when he first wakes up in the morning? Most kids will have to go when they wake up. Also, maybe try taking him more than every hour. I have heard moms say they have had better luck that way, because they became more likely to catch them when they had to go. It is good to make a big deal out of the potty being used when he goes. My son likes being told he is a big boy. The potty chart never made much difference to him, but with my older son he did. Every child will vary a bit in what works for them. Try to pay attention and see if you notice if he acts a certain way when he has to potty. I have noticed my son starts dancing around and will not stay still.

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I think it takes longer with a boy I have a boy and I got him his potty when he was about 10 mts old and put it in the bathroom it was more for introducing it to him and so he knows its there and yes I put him on it and played games and sang songs read books while he sat there and sometimes he would go and if he did you make a big deal out of it you clap and sing a song about it so he knows you are happy I didn't really push the issue at that age but I wanted him to know that he has his potty and what it is for then once the summer came around we were outside more luckly i lived out int the country at the time and got him to pee on a tree he thought this was fun and i found this was teaching him to feel when he had to go. I also found that putting clothes diapers on him during the day was much better as he could feel if he wet himself at night i used pull ups for awhile but found that he new he had them on and would just pee in them so I took them off of him at night and yes he peeed his bed but after about 3 nights of this he stopped and got up and used his potty he didn't like laying in a wet bed my son was potty train at 18 mts he still had a few opps i didn't make it on time but it will become less and less as he grows just keep on taking him to the potty at least once an hour sometimes he will go sometimes it won't happen just when it does make a big deal out of it if it doesn't happen just say maybe next time oh and don't make him sit there for too long just a min and maybe sing a song while he sits there. Also you could try going at the same time as he does that way he sees what you are doing and may want to do the same thing.

Good luck :)

Beth - posted on 10/15/2009




My son was over 2 when he was potty trained..I used to sit him on the potty chair about a half hour after he drank any might help if Daddy is involved in the potty training..( you didn't say if he was or not )..I would stick to the potty chair for now not the toilet,as the big toilet can scare a child.. I take it he doesn't mind being in a wet diaper ? lol some kids don't... but anyway.. just keep up with putting him on the potty chair, and remind him what a big boy he is now using the potty.. also take him to the store and let him pick out some big boy underwear, and let him know that when he goes potty like a big boy, he can wear them. (but never make him feel bad about not being trained yet)

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