Please help understand what is happening to my 7 year old son.....

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My son wakes up at night crying screaming shaking and scared. He talks to me and tells me what is happening in his dream. His eyes are open but i can tell hes really not there. He is looking for me sometimes in the dream and cant find me. I try to talk to him but it does not seem to work. My husband and i are terrified when this happens and I feel helpless. The thing is he can walk drink water and even talk but is spaced out.. At first it was once a month but now its happening more often. What should I do can someone please help. I tried to explain to his dr but he just brushed it off.. Any information would help. thank you


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Do some reading on "night terrors" and see if that is similar to what your son is experiencing. I think any kind of sleep disturbances, like night terrors and sleepwalking, are related, so it may be possible he is doing one or the other (or both?). If it is night terrors or sleepwalking, I don't know that there is much that you can do when he is in the midst of an episode, other than to keep him physically safe (make sure he doesn't fall or wander outside) and know that it will pass. The next day, kids don't usually remember the nightmare that they seemed so afraid of at the time. Take comfort in that, and know that it will pass. The other thing that you might do is trying to see if there are any triggers to the episodes that you can influence. Kids are more prone to night terrors if they are underslept/overtired, out of routine or sleeping away from home, stress, or even after dealing with fevers. Keeping him on a routine should help, and see how he is managing stress. If its very extreme, I've read that some parents will try to wake their children before they reach the sleep stage when the disturbance happens, and it seems to circumvent the episode. You'll have to really read up on that one to see how that works. Hope it straightens out soon! My son had terrors, and I know how perplexing and upsetting it was. It does pass!


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You are allowed to seek a second opinion if your doctor won't listen.

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