please help.what age do u check their eyes??

Mellissa - posted on 01/16/2011 ( 14 moms have responded )




my girls r 1 and a half and three year old has a lazy eye.should i get her eyes checked and can they check them this early.and does anyone know where i can go.we live in central lake other daughter also runs into everything even the air.there will be nothin there and she will just fall.i think she can't see either.


Shannon - posted on 01/17/2011




my two oldest had lazy eyes. I had my oldest checked at 16 months old and since my daughter was with me I had asked if they could check her as well and they did. My little girl looked adorable at 6 months old with the tinest glasses available! They don't do a normal test, they have you hold them on your lap lying down and they shine a light into their eyes with different magnitude lenses and watch the refraction in the eye change. I wouldn't wait much longer or you will probably end up having to put a patch over the good eye. My daughter got her treatment so early that her lazy eye is gone. My son was 16 months old and his lazy eye is still there when he takes his glasses off :( Also astigmatism is high with children with a lazy eye. Since you are noticing symptoms of eye problems make an appointment A.S.A.P. Call doctors in your area and ask if they take your insurance and if they treat young children. Don't put it off too long. My 8 year old broke his glasses and between moving and changing insurances he went without his glasses for approx 3 months. When I had him rechecked I was told his eyesight had gotten so bad that if he didn't wear his glasses every single waking hour that he wouldn't be able to get a drivers license when he got older. We just had a 6 month checkup and he's back on track :D

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where i live you don't get their eyes checked until they begin school UNLESS you think there is a problem, which obviously is your case. if you don't know of any eye doctors in your area that will look at children's eyes (yes they can test them from birth) then give your dr a call and see if he/she can recommend an eye dr for you.


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I would have your eldest eyes checked, especially if you think there is something wrong with her. Just speak to you doctor, they might know who to see. I had my son's eyes checked when he was 2 (they are too young earlier) as I have bad eyes and they used pictures to check things. He'll have to come back when he is 4 (just before he goes to school). We live in Australia though, so things might be a little different to where you are

Good luck!

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I worked in an eye clinic for 5 years.. many times parents don't take their kids until its required by law (kindergarten), but in all honesty, a child should get an eye exam at around age 1. Same as the dentist.. they have teeth, they should be examined.
Granted, the exams are not as thorough as an adult exam, or even that of an older child.. but why wait to get them used to it? They accommodate for young children and instead of having them read letters and numbers, they use stuffed animals and blinking lights.
Depending on the severity of the lazy eye, most times it can be corrected with patching the good eye (to strengthen the muscles) and doing eye exercises.
We would have kids as young as 12 months wearing prescription glasses, and even preemie infants with cataracts wearing contact lenses.

Good luck! Make that appointment!!

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Yes, they can ABSOLUTELY check that early. I noticed my son had a lazy eye around 9 months. As his 1 year checkup, I mentioned it to the pediatrician and they sent him to an ophthalmologist who did a bunch of tests and set him up with little baby glasses. He's been wearing glasses since then (he's now 21 months old) and no more lazy eye.

Note: if you can, get Miraflex frames ( Our first set of traditional frames broke within 1 month but these have lasted for 8 months because the frames are flexible and can take the abuse dished out by a toddler... ;)

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Go to the ophthalmologist(not an ophtomatrist) asap. They have special tests for kids under 2 that can determine what's wrong. You need to go to a pediatric ophthalmologist, too.

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take them in. my youngest has lazy eye, and it's because he is VERY farsighted. they can usually have good success with repairing it but only before the age of 2.after that it's pretty iffy. their vision is very crucial in the beginning. read this, it's very informative.

my son had to have surgery, and he still patches one of his eyes, and will have to wear glasses for the rest of his life. it's scary, but it needs to be done so he can see. they showed me what it looks like when he is without glasses, and it's like he's almost blind. please take them in! hope this helped. :)

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Just called the eye dr and they said they suggest around the age of 3 unless you notice a problem before

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You don't go until they begin kindergarten, UNLESS their is a suspected problem. Yes they can check them earlier.

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If you have concerns about your 3 year old.... do it now! My mom had concerns about my eyes from a very young age, but none of the stupid doctors would listen to her until it was too late to do anything. The doctor that FINALLY listened said that doing the corrective surgery has the most effectiveness if done under 4. He tried anyway, but I was already 11 by that time and it was useless.

We had our girls checked out by the time they were 2 because of my issues.

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Generally around 18 months I think, unless you have concerns. I did know a baby who was wearing glasses at 6 months! The doctors laughed at the mother when she said her baby wasn't making eye contact, said she was too young to be making eye contact anyway. The mother persisted and she was right - it was her 6th child, so she knew when that baby had vision problems. By the time she was 2, the child didn't need the glasses.

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My doctor made me take my son at 10 months, because of family history of poor eye sight & such.

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The first appt should be around 18 months if all is well they go again at 3 if not the eye dr. will tell you when they want to see them next. The earlier a lazy eye is dealt with the less likely they will need glasses when they are older if it is not dealt with glasses will be a given.

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