Please help! What should I do for 2nd bday?

Christy - posted on 10/19/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




So I need some help! I know Aleena's Bday isn't until Jan 23 but just not sure what to do because she's only going to be 2. So to all moms what did you do for your kids second birthday or what would you do? I just don't think she will remember much or really care so I just don't know. PLEASE HELP!!


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My Son's second birthday was a small party at home. We had a theme (Bizzy Buzzy Bee). We had a Bee cake, yellow/black decorations, party snacks, a few activities, music... The activities were to decorate their own party hats, a treasure hunt for sweets wrapped in yellow/black to look like bees, I put some toys out for the kids to play with and I put wrapped up jelly beans in balloons which I popped one by one and all the little ones could gather up the jelly beans to eat. Loot bag was a yellow/black striped cup with a few sweets and trinkets inside. It was great fun.

Sharlene - posted on 10/19/2011




Play centre,farm yard party and my favorite of all clown party maybe .Best of luck


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Sharon - posted on 10/23/2011




Our little man is 2 on Monday and we'll just be having us (hubby, me, and his baby bro) at his 'party'...the rest of the family is across the other side of the country. Everything at home is going to be based on cars & racetracks, as they are his fav toys, and his cake is a #2 shape, with a racetrack on it. For activities we are going to do his favourite things. So in the morning we are heading to the park with the big slippery slide ( and it has lots of birds cuz he loves chasing them!) & kick the ball around too, then we'll come home for lunch & an early nap. Once he wakes up we'll have his cake, then take him to the beach for the afternoon. That night he'll get to have a 'sleepover' in our bed.

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