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My son is now 6 ,he was actually diagnosed in Dec of 2014. We were at our wits end. He was being sent to the principles office EVERYDAY in kindergarten for shoving,hitting,kicking, etc. So we took him to a child psychologist . He was diagnosed with moderate to severe adhd with moderate odd. I knew the testing results but when you get that final yes this whats wrong . I cried my heart sank, all I thought was why? How? Did i not eat right when pregnant? The guilt is overwhelming . So for month's me and my boyfriend (sons dad) have debated on meds. It has been one of the hardest decisions. We filled the prescription today after my boyfriends family actually saying not to come around or talk to them because we decided to fill the prescription . They kept saying we were being lazy, we just wanted to dope our son up, and that Adderall was a VERY DANGEROUS medication . That we were bad parents. Also that we were going to mess his mind up. As if we weren't struggling enough with this decision . I am terrified , i have cried for 2 hours straight . My son doesn't eat much now, the thought of him loosing weight. So now I'm in a situation where my boyfriend is mad at me because his parents told him not to come see them anymore, and told my son they weren't going to see him anymore but that they loved him very much. I am so torn. Part of me wants to say never mind but the other part is screaming your son needs something, before he was diagnosed he actually said to me "mommy sometimes i cant turn my brain off" I just cried when he said that. I wish it didn't have to be such a hard decision . I only want whats best, thats my job as protect,nurture . To do whatever it takes to make sure my children are safe, happy, healthy , etc. To whom ever reads this thankyou


Jennifer - posted on 07/28/2015




my daughter has a son similar, and i believe she has got him through this by organic foods and alternative doctors, even the last month she took him to a chiropractor who has told he,r she ,the chiropractor has treated a lot of adhd kids and they have been able to get off medication, also my brothers boy now grown, a nephew of mine, who was terrible bully at school, but after being treated by a chiropractor he is a really kind loving grown up now, so don't give up but tread careful with those medications not something i would be giving my kids at all. best of luck.

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