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Amanda - posted on 12/30/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I have made a petition to send to Nickelodeon to bring back all the old shows from the 90s such as Rugrats, Rocket Power, Blues Clues, All That, Keenan & Kel, and many more. Please help me acomplish my goal of 1 million signatures by signing it at Help us bring back the innocence of the 90s television shows for our children such as Little Bear nd Franklin. Please spread the word and get your friends and family to sign. Thank You so much!


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Amanda - posted on 12/30/2010




Hey there was something wrong with the original link for those of you who thought you signed it please hit the link nd sign again

Carina - posted on 12/30/2010




Sounds good girl! Less crap their making our children fall for... and with very adult themes... Language... Bring back the good stuff!

Sherri - posted on 12/30/2010




You think Rugrats & Rocket Power are Innocent??

By the way Nick Jr. has Little Bear, Franklin, Little Bill, Blues Clues etc. on all day long. My son watches that station everyday. Nickelodeon has turned more into a teens station and they moved all the preschool programs to Nick Jr. They are still on every day and haven't gone anywhere.

Sarah - posted on 12/30/2010




Man, I wish they'd bring back shows like David the Gnome & Duck Tales (I can't remember if those were on Nick or not, though.) Do y'all remember Salute your Shorts, Hey Dude, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? I'd totally watch those shows again! Of course, those are probably for an older crowd.

TIffany - posted on 12/30/2010




hey I signed it #881 ,NKJR still show little bear and franklin at like 5am or later times like that. I know because my little one doesn't sleep.

Iysha - posted on 12/30/2010




I signed it...I'm #9 =] I love all those shows...Rugrats, Doug and Rocko's Modern Life were my favorites...If my daughter is into them, that would be sooo cool! She more than likely would be interested in Blues Clues more at her age but if Nickelodeon decides to keep all them aired for a long time, we can enjoy watching them together. yay!

[deleted account]

And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Who's with me?!

LOL (sorry I'm a huge fan) Seriously, I agree. Some of the shows on now are just idiotic. Fortunately most of the oldies but goodies are available on DVD. Added bonus- no commercials, AND you can limit your kids tv time. I recommend cutting the cable cord and investing in a dvd collection instead. :)

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