Please recommend a good baby monitor

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So I bought a safety 1st monitor and it worked okay for a month or so then it started getting really static and the low battery light always on, no matter how fresh the batteries were.

A friend handed down her fisher-price sound and lights baby monitor but it's pretty staticky as well, but the lights are good.

We are going to have to buy another it looks like, because I just can't sleep with the static.

We've done all the trouble shooting stuff, cordless phones in the way etc.

I'd like your recommendations or to hear about what didn't work for you.


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Anna - posted on 04/05/2016




For me the best baby monitor is just a simple app called Annie Baby Monitor. I had a baby monitor from chicco before but I wasn't satisfied because t worked only on a limited distance and we have quite a big house with a garden so sometimes happened that it stopped working when I was e.g. on the garden and my girl slept in her room. I need to hear and see my baby so audio and video of good quality are important for me. Annie works great and I paid for it like £4 so its really cheap in comparison with other baby monitors :)

Diana - posted on 03/10/2010




The angel care monitor is so worth the expense!! I bought it specifically for the alarm, my daughter was born at 25 weeks and in the NICU for 89 days, so I needed to be sure she was breathing all the time and it worked great, no static, no interference!

Nikki - posted on 03/09/2010




I love my angelcare monitor, I dont have any problem with static as it has two channels, plus I love the peace of mind that if she was to stop breathing the alarm will sound.

Jen - posted on 03/09/2010




i use the tommy one its really good and you can change the setting if it gets static n has a volume button also u can press a button and beable to talk to ur baby over their monitor

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