Please share tips on potty training for my 19 month old girl?

Vidu - posted on 08/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey my girl is 19 month old, I have started on her potty training. But facing some difficulties, my dughter she had learned to wee-wee on potty but the moment i help her to do poop on potty she doesn't sit on it.. moreover she doesn't let me hold her or touch her when she is pooping. She would prefer to stand while pooping and would allow nobody to touch her and if I insist she runs around or will cry badly. I tried her making her sit with some books or toy but she resists..Please help me out with some tips how should i go about with her potty training?


Jenni - posted on 08/15/2011




I think it's amazing that you taught your little girl to wee on the potty at 19 months.
But just take your time with her. She is still rather young to be fully trained. The more you push, the more she will resist and you may find that she will take steps backwards in potty training if you put too much pressure on her.

Some children learn to do number ones easily on potty's but with number twos they may run into more difficulty. So be patient and positive! Only train when she is happy and willing. If she resists at any point, back off and try again later.

You could try letting her sit on the potty in her diaper (when you think she has to). Some children are afraid to poop without a diaper on.
Everytime she poops in her diaper, you can empty it into the potty and show her: "See? that's where poop goes!"

Even if she just goes into the bathroom to poop, that is great progress! So praise her for her efforts.

But there's no rush! Sounds like she's already ahead of the game!


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Jenn - posted on 08/15/2011




She is very young and it will take quite awhile for her to grasp the concept of pooping on the potty. Most children begin potty training around two and aren't completely done with diapers until 3 yes old.

Learning to feel their body cues when to go potty, either pee or poop, can be emotional for kids. Pooping in a diaper is familiar and uncomplicated. In a potty, it feels different, looks different and is rather unnerving for many kids.

I would continue to encourage her to sit on the potty, don't hurry her along, praise her even for sitting...even if nothing happens. Stickers are a great incentive for when she does poop or pee.

And...let her watch you. She will watch your reaction on the toilet and it will help her feel confident too.

Vidu - posted on 08/15/2011




Hey Thanks Jennifer for your reply.. I agree with u i should not force her to sit on it while pooping but my true fight is just to make her sit while doing poop it doesn't matter if she doesn't sit on the potty....i am just trying to make her to come in sitting position while pooping no matter she wears her diapers...because she prefers to run around or stand while pooping and also not been touched by anybody.... I have tried tricks like modeling myself, tried making her sit with book, ipod and also toy but nothing works....can you give me some more ideas on it ..

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