Please tell me how to cope with my controlling mil?!

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Hi All!

I am new here and I would love to talk to other moms who are dealing with overbearing mother in laws. I am at my wits end!

My mil has never liked me because in her mind I stole her son from her. (And that's Sooo not true!) I have never wanted to pull him away from his family or hurt anyone. I have tried EVERYTHING in my power to make her like me, but she thought it was all just an act.

She acted like my best friend throughout my whole pregnancy and after I had my son she went back to giving me dirty looks and making nasty comments. It really hurt me because I thought she had changed and she really did care, but I was wrong.

She thinks everyone is out to get her, she hates to be told no, and never admits when she is wrong. She could care less about hurting other people as long as she gets what she wants.

She underminds my parenting and acts like she knows everything about everything. She is always starting fights with my husband (her son) because she says we dont bring our son to visit enough. We visit every two weeks and she gets to see him more than my own family and friends but its not enough. It's not like we are trying to keep her from seeing him or hurt her in anyway. She just doesn't seem to understand that we have a life of our own and cant possably visit her and my family on a weekly basis.

We are trying to get my son on a good sleep schedule with his naps in the hopes that he will sleep better at night so we limit trips out. We have also been sick for the past few weeks and not getting much sleep, but none of this matters to her.

It also kills me how this affects my husband. She is always going on and on about how much she loves her son but how can that be true when she treats him so badly.Now that I'm a mom I really cant understand her behavior. I would never treat my son and his family the way she treats us. I would think she would be happy that her son is happy, and be glad that he has a family of his own. I love my husband so much and I hate this whole mess.

I could honestly go on all day abut the hell she puts us through, but for now I will stop here. Can anyone relate or have advice on how to deal?



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Haha! I would jump at the chance to do that at this point. My whole family is here and I would still move across the country if it got us away from this mess.

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