Please Tell Me If I Am A Bad Mother And A Bad Wife Just Because I Have Had For Surgeries This Year And Now I'm Disabled And Cannot Do All Of My Work And Take Care Of Four Children Does That Mean That I Do Not Deserve To Be Love Tips & Advice

Shan - posted on 08/31/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




It was hard for me to give up going to college and enjoying my own career but I met and fell love with my husband now 15 years which has been complete nightmare to say the least but my trust and faith in the Lord has pulled me through only yet another terrible episode my mother-in-law hates me and talks bad about me to my children I don't know what to do I feel so alone and so empty inside because I have served my husband and treated him like a king for 15 years he's been abusive mean and coldhearted I remember after I had surgery the last two years I have had six screws inserted into my hips I have had a hysterectomy I have had a oblation and also I have had to go through lots of trips back to get resoling from my stitches busting open from not resting many hardships and I am disabled and feeling worthless because I cannot provide my children and my husband with the normal home environment and beautiful environment meals and clean fun times that I used to. Worst of all three months ago whenever the doctors told me that this was as good as I was going to get at age 34 I can still do a lot but I am so heartbroken and devastated because my husband said that if I could not do my job that I was not worth having around anymore. His mother is so over critical and so demeaning of my job acting as if it's not hard my three year old son has epilepsy as well. And the last three months I think I am losing faith in my Lord and my Savior I feel like I failed and I feel very hopeless and sad and my husband fails to see that without his love and support that I can't hardly go on. Please help me to know if I am normal for feeling this way please help me to know if I need to see other advice I just don't know what to do


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No offense but your husband is a dick. He should realize you are more than a maid or chef. If he doesn't realize and accept that, then I would leave him. He should also be supporting you not criticizing and putting you down in this difficult time. You are a great mom, it's so clear in your post that you care about your kids and you deserve to be loved because you have done nothing wrong.

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