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Ewuzie - posted on 06/24/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a beautiful daughter of 2 .am pregnant and hoping for a boy. Had a first scan at 14weeks and was told its a baby boy..had a second scan at 16weeks and was told baby girl becos he saw 3 lines with no penis from baby refused to turn his or her front so d shot was taking from behind and between d legs. D legs were tightly closed but managed to open a bit.I don't know if I should believe its a girl or wait and repeat d scan


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Jodi - posted on 06/24/2016




Scans are not always accurate. It's not a big deal. I never knew with my daughter - she was just sitting in a position, every scan, where they couldn't see (and I had quite a few scans due to other issues). Just plan for the fact you might not find out until baby is born and consider purchasing neutral. I certainly wouldn't repeat scan JUST to find out the gender of my baby.

Michelle - posted on 06/24/2016




How are we to know? You will find out for sure when the baby is born.
What are you going to do if it is a girl? Terminate? Hopefully not, so does it really matter?

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