pls help. could my 14 month old has autism? IM Freaking out!

Anxiousmom - posted on 12/11/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




HI everyone . this is my first time entering into a group which i feel the need to be in right now . Its been like weeks I have been thinking about my baby's development. Me and my husband is having some strain in our relationship because of this. I think there is something wrong with my boy and my husband believes otherwise. Its not that I dont believe in my son's capabilities but I dont also want to be in denial.

I have a boy and his 14 months will be 15 months on december 22. most of the time since he was around 8 months he watches tv, and honestly there was not so good interaction in the house . it was just him and me always since my husband is always at work. I feel guilty that I did not interact with him before and maybe he is not like this now. over all he is a very happy boy , he dances when we sing to him , he points to pictures in the books like train, ball , dog etc, when we play and i will give him spoon he will pretend to feed me the spoon and say "hmmm" , he also does that on meal time, he responds to his name atleast most of the time but when he is playing he sometimes not answer.he loves playing peek a boo, and even cover his face with blanket and wait for me to remove it and he will laugh like an angel. the things that made me worry are: he flaps his hands when he gets excited , he does this everyday but not every minute just when he is excited, happy etc, another thing is he does not have real words till now , he babbles mamama, dadada, bae , and all different babbling but no real words and he did not call us mama or dada . when he was 9 months old i taught him to say mama and he did follow , and used it like twice when he cried and he called me mama and that was it. he did not practice it that much so I believe he forgot to say it anymore?? i am teaching him now to say it again and unfortunately he did not follow . would that be considered regression? he just used the word like twice since he learned it . sorry for the long rant. i am super depressed and anxious! i cant eat and sleep.

ps we already went to his pedia and told us to give him till his 15 month well baby check up. pls enlighten me


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/12/2014




Enlighten you huh? Ok.....autism is NOT diagnosed until 3 years or older. Period. All sounds normal to me. Less tv, more interaction, and reading. He likes music? Play it often and give him buckets or tupperware to bang on.

Your son was not "saying" momma...he was babbling. Just like he is not which is WAY normal for this age. If your doctor AT ALL diagnosis him at this age, seek out another pediatrician cause you are not doing your child a service by pushing a diagnosis this young. He is a normal boy. Enjoy him and let him be a baby.

Also, as he is learning to talking (encourage the babbling he is learning his a lot to him) he will also forget what he as learned. That is typical.

Ev - posted on 12/12/2014




Most of what you describe is a normal child. He is not going to have much vocabulary like you are thinking he should. He is doing that normally too. The flapping of arms when excited but not all the time is not something I would worry about too much as yet. He is pointing to pictures in books, he is responding to playing things with you like him feeding you from a spoon or peek a boo, he is also trying to use words. As for talking kids don't practice like you think of it. THey will toy with sounds to make them and to see how they sound. By the time they get to the age of 2 then they will talk a bit more say 2 or 3 words to a sentence but then after age 3 they take off big time. Its a learning process and because you think he is not where you think he should be does not mean he is Autistic. My kids did the same things yours is doing minus the hand flapping. I am not a doctor so do not take this as a diagnosis. But he sounds like he is doing just fine. Also all babies do develop a bit ahead, a bit behind, or on schedule but that does not mean there is something wrong with them.

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