pls suggest me a tip, my son is crying a lot to go to school and he wake up and says i have head ache and pain on legs. he also bite teachers whom he doesn't like. i felt vey bad. he changed only in this year ukg, upto lkg he don't have any problem. pls give me tips to tackle him.


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KAVITHA - posted on 06/26/2014




yes, i spoke to him, he said he doesn't like the new teacher and his time exceed till 2.35pm. he used to study well and complete all the homework before i say bur now he is not even writing anything and he says he forgot all the alphabets and numbers. i don't know what to do with him. how i will boost him up and read and write all the alphabets and numbers, i don't know?. i am really feeling bad what i am going to do with him?. he is not having his breakfast in the morning because of his hesitation for going to school, he is becoming lean and weak. pls help me out from this.

Christina - posted on 06/23/2014




Hi Kavitha
It's common for some children to not like school but there is always a reason for it. Have you asked him why he doesn't like school and spoken to his teacher about what he is like in the morning?

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