plz help me with this!!

Ashley - posted on 09/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 4 yrs old boy and I have to fight with him to take a nap i have tryed about everything u can think of so i am hoping some mom out here mite can help me with this. I told my son if he dont go to sleep he cant play with his toys or whtever i say to him. and this has been going on for awhile now and its makes me so sad plz help momof2


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Dove - posted on 09/18/2012




None of my kids needed a nap by 4. Two of them quit napping regularly at 2.5 and the third quit napping regularly before 3.5.

My son's preschool has kids 3-4 that nap, but I pick my son up after lunch. I don't WANT him napping since bedtime is hard enough. lol

Your son might still need a nap, but many, many 4 year olds do not... and he may very well be one of them. You can try instituting 'quiet time' where he sits on the couch and watches a movie. He may or may not fall asleep during it. You can't really force another person to sleep and I don't think it's fair to punish someone who can't/doesn't sleep.

Michelle - posted on 09/18/2012




He may not need a nap anymore. My 2.5yo doesn't always have a nap during the day. Maybe just have quiet time where you lay down and read a book instead.

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