PMS vs Implantation Bleeding

BOBBI JO - posted on 07/14/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello ladies :) I have a little concern and wanted to see if anyone has had anything simliar to what I'm going through.... My last period was June 13th-16th, normally lasting 3-4 days so that was normal for me. I normally also go 32 or so days before the next one so wasn't expecting one until July 17th or so...
9 days before my next scheduled period it seemed to be like I was starting my AF early (no big deal) started off only noticing on toilet paper when I wiped (a light pink) and it's been like that the past 4 days, 5 days today actually. There has been 2 times where I've wiped and there's been a lil bit more than just the light pink but not even like a period that I've ever expierenced before. And it's gotten lighter and lighter since the first day. Not sure if this is implantation bleeding or not but if anyone has any thoughts or ideas please feel free to respond because I'm totally confused over here. I've had no pregnancy symptoms besides a metal or iron weird taste in my throat but it's only after I cough....not sure if that makes a difference or not. Anyways, thank you all for reading and hopefully I can get some clarification! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


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Kayla - posted on 09/16/2013




Me and my boyfriend had a lot of unprotected sex while i was ovulating i'm pretty sure. I got my period early this month. Not only was it early but MUCH lighter and shorter than normal.Started off just a little brown spot in my underwear one night. Put on a pad, went to sleep and the next morning i noticed that the bleeding picked up. A little more than spotting but nothing like what i'm used to. I usually go thru about 3 or 4 (sometimes more) supler plus tampons a day. And usually bleed for about 7 days. This time, i was only using one pad a day and it only lasted 3 days. Then just stopped out of the nowhere. I have never had a "period" like this. Also, my cramps aren't as bad this month neither. Enough to get on my nerves a little bit but i normally cramp BAD.... I'm not sure about symptoms. I think i've had a few but i keep tellin myself it's probably due to somethin else or i'm just looking for them but my appetite has been weird. Go from insane appetite to no appetite. Been having a few headaches here and there. Nipples were SO sore about a week and a half ago before the bleeding started but they have quit hurting now. Idk if this is a symptom or sign but i keep going from hot to cold, hot to cold. Waking up a lot earlier than normal if that means anything? It's been a few days since the bleeding and i've done 2 tests, both were negative but i've read about sooo many women that didn't get their BFP until months into their pregnancy. This is driving me crazy!! Someone please help!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/14/2013




Sure it could be implantation bleeding. Really, the best thing to due is wait for your period date, and if you miss it take a test. If the test is negative and still no flow, wait a week and try again. If that is positive still without a period, go see your doctor. No one can tell you that you are or are not pregnant over the internet. Good luck!

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