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Michelle - posted on 03/04/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 1 1/2 and potty trained, he used to poop in the potty but for the past couple months he has been pooping in his pants or on the floor and l and playing with it. I don't know how to stop this without traumatizing him. I will put him in his bad boy chair for 2 min lately but Im not sure this is working because he still does it. Not sure why or what to do. ?????


Michelle - posted on 03/04/2012




kids this age play with their poop because it is theirs it is a stage my daughter went through it for about 6 months she is almost 3 now and has now outgrown it and is fully day trained so just be patient with him tell him poop needs to go on the potty then take him to the bathroom and rinse the underwear in the toilet so he sees you putting it in there he will get the hint 1 1/2 is quite young for being potty trained so you are lucky and he should get the hint quickly if you keep showing him.

Kaitlin - posted on 03/04/2012




Brittany has some good advice here. Focus on redirect and encouragement and you knowing his cues.

I'm afraid that by punishing your child and putting them in the 'bad boy' chair you may be enforcing that he is bad for pooping, which could lead to further problems.

Brittney - posted on 03/04/2012




You could try telling him that poop belongs in the potty and is dirty. Anytime my daughter has an accident in her underwear she tells me ''dirty'' and I show her that poop goes in the potty. She has taken poop out of her underwear and put it in the potty herself too...that required a thorough hand cleaning. My daughter is 16 months and refuses to go in her potty, just the big potty, but when she has to poop she goes and sits on hers. Maybe if you knew ahead of time when he was going to poop, you could avoid the whole thing.


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