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How have you wonderful ladies gotten past the obstacle of pooping on the big potty? My almost 4yo has been potty trained for peeing, within a few days~3rd birthday. About the same time, he was pooping on potty. I believe partly due to persistent constipation, he stopped soon after. He now promptly gets his pull-up, hides somewhere & goes.

Things I have tried: daily Miralax, treats, reward chart, heavy praise, book about "sometimes it hurts to poop", book "everyone poops". I am at a loss! Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Jennifer - posted on 05/28/2012





We had troubles with our daughter. She is still on Miralax. She finally decided to poop in the potty at 4.5.

I had tried charts, rewards, having her clean up after herself, "discussions" about how much easier going on the potty was, even bribing her with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese (even though I am adamant about not using food as a reward. I was DESPERATE!)

It took a consultation with our school district social worker to fix the issue.

She made a social story and a chart. The story is basically a short, personalized story stating that everyone poops, that poop belongs in the potty, and Mommy, Daddy, and her Teacher want her to put poop in the potty and it will make us happy. The chart had Dinosaur Train characters (4) that she would get to put on the train when she was successful. It worked like a charm. I was almost mad it worked so quickly since I had tried everything I could think of - and I've worked with kids for years!

Hope this helps. Hang in there!

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