Positive pregnancy test after going to doctor for severe pelvic pain...

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I began having severe pain in my pelvic area the day before yesterday, at first I thought it was just really bad cramps and my period was coming. But as the day went on it got worse and eventually I ended up having to stay in bed, it hurt so bad. The next morning it felt better, just like normal period cramps, but again, as the day continued the pain worsened until I ended up in bed with a heating pad. Ibuprophen did nothing for the pain, and I decided I'd go into the doctor the next day. When I woke up, I felt achy all over, but especially the sides of my abdomin, I went to the doctor this afternoon. They asked me some questions, did a urine test and poked at my belly to see where I hurt. The urine test concluded that I was pregnant and the doctor said to get on prenatels, and if the pain increses again go to the ER cause it could be an eptopic preganacy. Has anyone had an eptopic pregnancy or miscarried or anything similar to this and can let me know what might be going on? I feel as though my doctor didn't do alot to make sure it wasn't serious.


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i agree, the best you can do is get an ultrasound done. pelvic pain during the first few weeks of pregnancy is common, but not like what you're describing. an ectopic pregnancy is a possibility that should not be ruled out in this case. so get an ultrasound asap. they may have one done if you go to the ER tomorrow. i hope it's normal, but if not you should look into what options you have.

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It turned out to be a miscarriage. Thanks for all the advice :) I ended up getting pregnant again a few months later and now have a beautiful 5 month old girl:)

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I'd actually go to emerg, not your own doc. Pain that severe, in the presence of pregnancy NEEDS to be investigated for a tubal pregnancy. This is an ultrasound. If it is, it is a LIFE THREATENING condition. I use capitals only to get the importance of this across, because your health is of utmost importance. Please, have it checked out immediately!

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I had pretty bad cramps for the first month with both of my kids. I am very surprised he did not do an ultrasound right off the bat to see how far along you are, and to check for ectopic. I mean if he is that concerned, he probably would have. Call the office back and tell them that he got you nervous and demand an ultrasound.

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An ultra sound doesn't always find an ectopic pregnancy, I was about 2 months along and had sever pain on both sides and no spotting or bleeding. So I went to the er and they did test and ultra sounds and said everything was fine it was growing pains. But what they say was a blood clot and I ended up losing half my blood internally and had to have one side removed.
Hope you have better luck

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An eptopic pregancy could be very dangerous. I would get an ultrasound done just to make sure.

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