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Jessica - posted on 07/22/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




first i should explain my situation. single mother with two kids. eldest is 5 and youngest 22mths. i am a chef. only work two days a week and 1 day a week i go to tafe also....
ok...so, in the last few months i have become more and more average feeling. i go through stages where i feel really happy
(mostly when i'm at work or tafe) and then there are times when i feel like harming myself or my youngest child. i honestly don't think i could ever do anything to ever hurt my children but have such vivid images in my head of hurting her. i have found that the last few months i have slowly been interacting with them less and less and make myself extremely busy so i dont focus on those feelings. if i cant find anything to do i tend to go to the shopping centre or somewhere so i know i'm never alone with them. i'm hoping these feelings will pass and hoping someone can give me some advice. i feel like i'm going crazy and i really want to move pass this. it makes it very difficult at the moment as my youngest is in the very clingy stage and it makes me want to lock myself in my room away from her. just for the record i look after my kids very well. they always have everything they need, more than they need :) but please help. i just really need some advice

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